Happy Birthday, Happy!

June 21st is a special day in our household.


That’s because today, our little pupsqueak turns TWO! Which, you know, is 14 in dog years.

No wonder she’s Little Miss Sass-a-Frass. Girl’s got attitude.

No but really, it baffles my mind that there was once a time that our lives did not include Happy. In the two years (whaaaat!) that I’ve been living with Ryan, I’ve never felt more “at home.” Things just fit so well together. And I feel so blessed that we stumbled across Happy back in October of 2010 at the shelter. I can’t imagine what life would be like without that little rascal.

So how are we celebrating? Well, for one, we are heading to Pet Smart later tonight after work so Happy can tear the place up and go on a shopping spree (or, you know, pick out a toy or two – these old guys aren’t really holding up too well).

And tomorrow? Let’s just say Happy’s in for a BIG surprise. She’ll be accompanying Ryan to work for “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Just like last year.

Do work, son.

I can’t wait to hear about all of the stories. And the chaos.



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Happy!

  1. Happy belated birthday Happy!!

    And I wish we had bring your dog to work day. That sounds fun!

  2. Ha, Take Your Dog to Work Day!! That is great. Hope Happy had a great birthday and a great day at work!

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