Summer Olympics Fever!

Welp, it seems to be that time again! Every four years, these hot, summer months bring me SO much excitement.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved watching the games of the summer Olympics. Growing up in good ‘ole Cincinnati, Ohio… there were many a popsicle-filled afternoon, gathered around a TV with the neighborhood kids watching some of the events… only to find ourselves trying to recreate whatever sport we just saw in the backyard. We’d usually incorporate some sort of twist on it to include the backyard pool. We were smart little kiddos – staying cool the best way we knew how. Ah, yes, the good ‘ole care-free summer days!

This year’s summer Olympics are giving me a little throwback to my childhood days. And that’s because a boy I know from my childhood is on Team USA!!

Nick Thoman, swimming extraordinaire!

Mens and Women’s Swimming

Nick qualified for the men’s swimming Olympic team in late June (he’s a beast at backstroke and actually holds a world record in the 100m back) and I *could not* be more thrilled for him and his family!

I’ve known Nick since 4th grade – we were super big dorks and I remember crushing on him during our “party-wagon” days. (Does anyone else know what I am talking about… Party Wagon? It’s basically a fancy class for 5th and 6th graders where you learn how to ballroom dance. Cue the dorkiness).

Anywho, the year after that we were “6th grade boyfriend and girlfriend” (read: passing notes to each other in class and waving to one another from across the hall – super scandalous, let me tell ya), and a year after that we were big bad junior highers, ready to take on the world. Oh my lanta, if only I had my childhood year books here with me in Charlotte…

Anywho, I was on my school’s swim team with Nick for a few years in junior high and high school, and he was always (always!) the star of the team. But not in the “hey look at me” type of way – he’s a very humble guy (and super goofy) and everyone watching him just knew he had raw talent. Definitely runs in his family genes.

Matt Grevers and Nick Thoman

Ah yes, still goofy — that’s the Nick I know!

But gosh, moving on to the topic at hand, I am just so excited for where his swimming career has landed him – it is extremely well deserved, that is for sure.

Nick comes from a family of swimmers and I just know they are on top of this world and so proud of him. Heck, my entire high school is!

Banner in front of my old stomping grounds — Mariemont High School in Cincinnati, OH

When Nick qualified for the Olympics in late June, my entire Facebook feed was blowing up with congratulations towards him.

Seriously, y’all. I just can’t get over it. I am so so so thrilled for him, and SO EXCITED to watch him dominate in backstroke.

So here’s to you, Nick! Rock out in London and bring home some of that shiny gold to Charlotte, NC!



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5 responses to “Summer Olympics Fever!

  1. Henry Thoman (Nick's dad)

    Allison, Thanks for your support.

    • Oh, it is my pleasure! It’s not every day a friend competes in the olympics 😛
      I hope y’all are having the best time ever in London — I can’t wait to watch the opening ceremony later this evening!!! I’ll keep my eye out for Nick!

  2. Sarah Brosch

    So sweet, makes me homesick a bit. And a super congratulations to the entire Thoman clan!

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