I <3 the Olympics!

No really, I do. And for quite a number of reasons.

-Reason number one. Its providing quality entertainment for Ryan while he’s recovering from his big-time surgery. (I’ll do a post to update y’all on this in the near future, I need to gather my thoughts first — it’s been one whirlwind of a week! Just know that we are full-speed ahead on the road to recovery and, all things considered, he is doing GREAT!).

-Two. A certain buddy of mine is on Team USA. More on this later (see reason number six).

-Three. Women’s gymnastics. (Duh.) But let’s not state the obvious.




Gabby Douglas = AMAZING!!!!

-Four. P&G’s “Thank you, Mom” campaign. Ryan’s colleagues are in London representing one of their clients, P&G, for this campaign. Every time one of the commercials comes on TV for this campaign, my eyes get a little teary – such a sweet message! And what lucky coworkers Ryan has Smile with tongue out

This clip is probably my favorite one out of all of them… (it aired back in the Spring):


-Five. Handball. Ummm… I don’t know how I never realized this was an Olympic sport… but it is AWESOME!  In a way, it’s like lacrosse and basketball all mixed into one.

-And finally… number Six. Because let’s be honest. Nick’s swimming in the Olympics is another big reason why I’m lovin’ the coverage.

A week ago he won Silver swimming the men’s 100 back.



WOOHOOOOOO!!!! Silver!


Matt Grevers and Nick Thoman, grabbing 1 and 2 for Team USA!


And in addition to medaling, he was also interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show.


Oh you know, no biggie… (Source: Mary Nash via FB)

And just a few days ago he was part of the 4×100 medley relay that won GOLD!!!

usa! usa!

Gold and Silver medals for his first Olympics? Not too shabby!

I’ve loved seeing friends from elementary and high school pull together and share their enthusiasm for Nick on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It is so neat to see! He’s also been ALL over the local news in Cincinnati – and even national news.


Even here in Charlotte, the city where he trains, news outlets and restaurants are all highlighting Nick’s accomplishment’s in London. I am just absolutely beyond thrilled for him and his entire family (<—read that for a really sweet article about his family!).


Celebrity much? (Source: Lisa Thoman via FB)

Speaking of celebrity… Nick’s twitter handle officially has that blue checkmark by his name! Pretty dang cool, huh?!

Nick’s got a great head on his shoulders and I’m sure won’t let the “celebrity-dom” get to his head.

See? Pretty standard.

I have a feeling Mariemont High School’s Class of 2004 is going to have one pretty badass 10-year reunion coming up! Nick might be the only Olympian, but the rest of us have our own accomplishments to tout in a few years.


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2 responses to “I <3 the Olympics!

  1. Erica

    Love this blog 🙂 I love the olympics too swimming being my favorite bc I used to be a swimmer but gymnastics follow second ;).

  2. Getting caught up on blog reading and just reading your Olympics post now — makes me wish we had the Olympics going on again!! So much excitement. And how about your friend Nick?! That’s so awesome — such great accomplishments!

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