Hello, October

Just wanted to pop in and express how excited I am that October is here! 

This month is one of my favorites for so many reasons — the change in weather to cooler days, the beautiful colors of fall leaves, road trips, apple picking (!), and the start of the holiday season – my ALLTIME favorite time of the year!

This month is also special to me for a few other reasons, namely… it is the month I met Ryan some four years ago (10/23/08 –howww has it been 4 years already?!), and it is the month we adopted Happy (2 years ago, 10/12/10).

Hopefully we’ll have one more thing to add to our list by the month’s end 😛 

But first? I need to take (and pass) my 9-hour long comprehensive exam this coming Saturday.

NINE hours, people. I don’t think I can even sit still that long….

It’s a written exam and it covers all 2.5 years of my graduate school classes. If I don’t pass, I don’t graduate in December. Talk about pressure.

Currently, I am up to my eyeballs in papers, notebooks, & textbooks (and sometimes tears).



Ryan came by me the other night thinking I was studying hard on the couch,  surrounded by papers and books with a pen in hand. It wasn’t until he got closer to me that that he saw the drool all over the pillow. And highlighter on my face. His laughter woke me up. Whoops…

Apparently I’m trying a new studying skill called “osmosis by sleep”.

I’ll let you know how it works come Saturday.

Wish me luck!


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7 responses to “Hello, October

  1. How stressful, and talk about pressure! My living room looked much like your couch in the weeks leading up to my thesis defense in grad school. It feels SO GOOD to be done, so keep that in mind when you’re stressed right now. Good luck!!

  2. WOWZA! That sounds intense, but I know you will do amazing!!! You’ve go this 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how it goes!! Best of Luck!

  3. WOWZA is right! And, you’ve got even MORE on your plate too (shhh)! I don’t know how you’re doing it. I actually laughed out loud at Ryan finding you with drool and highlighter–that mental image will always be there! LOL Just kidding! GOOD LUCK on Saturday! I am not the least bit worried about you but, I will be sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

  4. as stressful as it sounds we all know you’ll do fabulous doll! hope it worked out for ya! xo

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