-My name is Allison

-I am a twenty-something young professional living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

-I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio (born and raised!)

-Growing up I loathed my curly hair, but over the past decade or so I have actually come to love it. I think it gives me character.

-I have fallen in love with the South

-I LOVE reading books. And I have finally learned the art of balancing fun reading with my school reading. Can’t wait for the day when all my reading can be for fun! (Any and all book recommendations are welcome!)

-I went to a small college in Greenville, South Carolina called Furman University

-I graduated Magna Cum Laude

-I am Phi Beta Kappa (and did not know what a prestigious thing this was when I was first invited to become a part of it. I thought it was just another spam letter filling my college mailbox. When I randomly mentioned the letter to my mom, she freaked out and told me what an accomplishment this was and that I should highly consider becoming a part of this organization. So, I did. Turns out, my grandfather was Phi Beta Kappa as well, and my mom gave me his Phi Beta Kappa key when I graduated later that Spring. So neat!)

-I studied abroad for a year in college in Australia (and spent my Christmas break traveling both islands of New Zealand). Would not replace that experience for anything, even though it meant being away from friends and family for 8 months straight (But I gained a whole ‘nother set of friends that I now consider family… from all over different parts of the world 🙂

-My parents moved out of the house I grew up in for 18 years one year after I graduated from college. They now split their time between a smaller townhouse in Cincinnati during the summers and a beautiful home in Ft. Myers and condo on Sanibel Island, Florida during the winters.

-I discovered my love for running during college, and post college I have completed 4 half marathons and am hoping to run my first marathon in the spring of 2011.

-I used to work in the health field at the YMCA.

-I now work as a Work-Up specialist at the National Marrow Donor Program, helping those individuals who are eligible for a bone marrow transplant go through the donor process. It is incredible work.

-I am currently taking graduate courses for my MPH through an online degree program at UNC-Chapel Hill

-Ryan and I adopted the CUTEST puppy in the whole wide world over a year ago (10/12/10) and she has added so much joy to our lives! (see the Happy page for more details on how we found her…)

-One of the things Ryan and I love about Happy is her stretching routine. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen… first a yawn, then she’s down in a pounce position stretching her front legs, and then she get’s into a “downward dog” position and stretches her back legs, sometimes falling if she’s on the linoleum kitchen floor due to her legs slipping out from underneath her. I will try to capture this on camera to share, it’s freaking adorable!

-I have 7 siblings (all step and half, and three are actually adopted — I am my mom’s only biological kid)

-I am the youngest of my siblings by 12 years

-I have 12 nieces/nephews, ranging between the ages of a few months and 14 years old.

-My first dog’s name while growing up was Flowerpot — a black lab. Then came Poppy, another beautiful black lab. And then Chance, a Bichon Frise. Now my mom has Bella, a very, oh…how should we say this… aggressive? Bichon Frise. Ryan and I tell Happy that Bella is special when we visit my parents.

-I am a December baby (and so is my blog!), and love reading about all things Sagittarius

-My favorite color is turquoise… the color of the ocean 🙂

-I have an aversion to the number 9, and do not typically like any number ending in 9 (e.g. 9, 19, 29, 39 etc.) However, for some reason, 49 and 99 are A-Okay by me. I know, weird much? Anyone else suffer from this? I think I may be alone on this one…

-I wanted to be many things growing up: a fireman, an astronaut, a ninja turtle, a vet, a doctor, a hiphop dancer and a mother.

-I move around a lot in my sleep, and don’t really like to sleep with my head on a pillow

-I wear a watch (one of the sporty kind) and because I’m so smart in math, I never change it when it comes time for Daylight Savings. I just subtract an hour during the months of Nov-March. (kidding, Math is TOTALLY not my strong point, I’m just really bad with technology and do not know how to change the time on my watch). I’ve been doing this for so many years now… I’m just used to it. I have a feeling Ryan is going to one day switch my watch for me. So if I start showing up early to things during the winter, just go with it and be happy I’m on time 🙂     UPDATE! Ryan bought me a new watch for Xmas 2010. Check out the recap, here 🙂

-I used to have THE messiest room growing up, but now I like to have everything organized and in its place as best as I can.

-I make our bed every day, and love the way it brings the room together.

-I believe in the mantra “sweat once a day” and try to live by it as best I can

-I like the person I have become, and the person I see myself growing into

-I am passionate about the local food movement, and recommend that everyone and their brother’s girlfriend’s roommate read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (and all of his other books while you’re at it!)

-I LOVE attending the local farmers market, and can spend hours upon hours there

-I can spend quite a lot of time in natural food stores, perusing the aisles and learning about new foods I never new existed that now take up space on my “must-try-out” list

-I have a “must-try-out” list because although I want to buy every single food item I see at the store, sadly I do not have the funds to nurture this habit (actually, that’s probably a good thing). Therefore I buy nice things sparingly and gravitate towards putting things that are on sale in my basket.

-I served as an AmeriCorps member my first year out of college, and provided support care services for those living with HIV and AIDS at a medical clinic down in Rock Hill, S.C.

-While I was a member of the AmeriCorps, I learned how to get the best bang for my buck on a tight budget. Later on as a health educator at the Y, I was able to  share my savvy tips with people who came into the medical center.

-I really want to delve more into yoga. Or Pilates. But I am not quite sure how to go about doing that. I have tried some yoga classes at the YMCA where I work, but for some reason, I haven’t been able to fully click with one yet.  I haven’t done Pilates in forever… so I am thinking I could try that out again. I’m all ears for tips y’all may have!

-I’m not a big T.V. watcher, but I LOVE making time to sit down and watch any of The Real Housewives series on Bravo. I know it adds nothing to my self-worth and is horrendous to watch, but it is just too funny!! All the other shows I “watch” are simply on in the background while I browse healthy living blogs (duh)… or do schoolwork.

-That’s it for now! I’m sure I’ll be updating this again later, so make sure to check back!


19 responses to “FAQs

  1. We are totally meant to be friends-I am so glad you live in Charlotte! Like you, I’m becoming focused on healthy eating and LOVE Real Housewives. (Guilty pleasure?) I worked for YMCA Camp Thunderbird down on Lake Wylie for every summer of college, and still occasionally do some part-time work with them. Which Y do you work at?

    And I love that you adopted Happy from a shelter! Kudos to that.

    • Ahhh amazing! Looove that you also enjoy Real Housewives, it’s such trash but it’s oh-so-entertaining! So neat that you’ve worked at Camp Thunderbird! I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard amaaazing things about it! I work at Dowd, never a dull moment there! Are you still a member of the Y?

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  4. Your life seems so interesting, 7 brothers and sisters is a ton! Sometimes I can’t handle having 2! LOL

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  7. Interesting life you have! Would love to hear more about how you stay healthy on a budget! Students gotta share these secrets, right?

  8. Janene

    Um, I heart the Real Housewives. But mostly just Orange County – they’re tough to beat.

    Also, regarding natural food stores: right after my fiance proposed, we headed out for a hike and happened to pass a discount natural foods store. I was so high on life and in awe of the low LOW prices surrounding me that I squuueeeed for like an hour and just skipped around the store, grabbing things and saying “IAN! do you KNOW how MUCH this would cost at home??? Squuueee!”

    It was completely and utterly ridiculous. But I was newly engaged and in my own personal heaven. Best. Day. Ever.

    • Ohhh my goodness… that story is amazing!!! I probably would have been doing the same thing. In fact I know I would have! haaa. And heck yes for OC real housewives! Vicky’s “we’re going to MexiCOOOO” still kills me to this day.

  9. Hey there! So glad I stumbled upon your blog…found it by way of vixter @ Little Miss Everything. Lovin’ what I’ve read so far and will definitely be coming back for more since I’m about to subscribe 🙂

    I love your FAQs page! Very cool!

  10. this is a fabulous faq page 🙂 i love it!

    what exactly do you do with the ymca/public health? I’m totally lost in terms of what to do with my life but something vaguely related to health sciences/public health is a possibility 😉 lol


  11. Maya

    Love your blog!! ❤ and absolutely love your hair, its pretty! and suits you :D. We are so similar in so many ways…I too hate sleeping with a people, something nobody seems to understand! and also feel a little helpless and anxious not being involved in something and receiving feedback, always need to be busy to soothe my mind…I would like to start running…any tips on starting out? Thank you!!

  12. Amanda @ the beauty notebooks

    Hi Allison! I am so happy to have met you at HLS this weekend. I loved reading your facts page! Your dog Happy seems like an absolute sweetheart. My family has a dog named Buddy — he’s a 6-year-old Hungarian Vizsla but acts like a puppy! Too bad we can’t have a blogger meet-up sometime where we all bring our dogs! 😉

    best wishes with your MPH program!

  13. I just ran across your blog (courtesy of Katie’s blog). Your writing is amazing and you went to Furman — that is my alma mater as well — Go Paladins!! I hope your run went well today. I am scheduled for a 16 miler tomorrow in my training for my first marathon.

    • Whaaat a small world! I’m so glad you popped over from Katie’s blog! My run DID go well, I’ll be doing a recap of it… sometime in the nearish future (ha! My life is caaahrazy busy with my 2 courses ATM, grad school FTW!). How did your 16 miler go??! I’m sure you ROCKED it! Gaining new PDRs = the best feeling ever!

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