The story behind our Happy Tale…

One weekend in early October, I talked Ryan into going to the Humane Society to play with the puppies. Only to play. This worked for us. The first time.

They should have a warning sign that reads: "Do not enter if you only wish to browse, you will end up coming home with a dog in tow..."

The next weekend, I got back from a run and Ryan suggested I get cleaned up so we could go to the Humane Society again. To play with the puppies, just like the last time. So we went. We played with the puppies. We saw a puppy with cute floppy ears. My heart melted. I asked Mr. ShelterMan to let me play with the puppy in the playpen.

Pick me! Pick me!

I fell in love with the puppy. Ryan thought the puppy was stupid because the puppy stepped on her water bowl and the bowl came up and hit her smack in the face.  I thought it was endearing. We both laughed. (But probably for different reasons).

I promise I play well with others...

Mr. ShelterMan said it was time to put the puppy back so it could rest. Ryan and I continued to look at the other dogs. I turned around from where we were standing and saw a family with three kids looking at the puppy that I fell in love with.  The family asked Mr. ShelterMan if they could play with the puppy in the playpen area. My heart began to race.

I knew for sure they would fall in love with her, too. I thought “they’re a whole family, they’re probably ready and able to take home a puppy, they are going to take home that puppy.” My eyes filled with tears even though I tried to stop them. I knew Ryan would think I was ridiculous. He did. And yes I know, I am ridiculous. I tried to hide my tears because I felt stupid for crying over a puppy that wasn’t even mine.  But Ryan knew I wasn’t trying to convince him of anything. These were genuine tears that I could not keep away. I seriously felt so stupid for crying. But I couldn’t help it. There were only 30 minutes left until closing time, so Ryan and I decided we might as well just put in our adoption papers and see what happens. Nothing would be official until we were “approved” anyway.

Paperwork schmaperwork. Gimme puppy.

Signing his John Hancock.

Ryan still was not sold on getting this puppy. He didn’t feel the timing was right, which I totally understood, since it was going into the cold winter months, and who wants to walk and train a dog in the cold? (Plus, we all know how much I love being out in the cold…yeah. right).

The rest of the night was spent with me feeling really down. I felt like I had, in a way, lost a child… one that was never even mine. I knew the timing wasn’t right since we both were not 100% ready to take home a puppy at that time. We had only agreed on getting a puppy by the summer, and that things were all fun and playtime until spring. Sunday morning came, and Ryan said he was going to go to the shelter, by himself….to play with that puppy.

Oh aren't I just so lovable?!

Well, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during their play date, because when he came home he said “let’s go to PetSmart.” So, to PetSmart we went. And into the cart went a nice roomy crate, a fluffy bed, chewy toys, squeaker toys, puppy shampoo, puppy food, a brush, a training clicker, a food and water bowl, a leash and collar and everything else that a new puppy needs.  Funny thing is, we still had no idea if our adoptions papers were approved, or if we were even chosen to adopt that puppy.  Monday came along, and Ryan gave me a phone call from work saying that the shelter had just called and said that we were chosen to adopt the puppy! He said that four applications had been turned in on her, but that we were the ones chosen to adopt her. Holy WOW I cannot even begin to describe the feelings I felt. Happiness, relief, excitement, anxiety… we were really going to get a puppy! And the shelter said we could bring her home the very next day!

So Tuesday came and time could not go by any slower… I felt like 11am was taking forEVER to roll around. But, it finally did. And Ryan and I finally met up at the shelter (he had to pop over from work to sign some papers) and before we knew it Happy was ruling our little home!

On my way to pick up the little Pupsqueak!

Out with the oldname (Chess), in with the newname (HAPPY!)

She walked right on into our apartment, I showed her around all the rooms, nooks, and crannies… and within 10 minutes of being all settled in I had taught her how to “sit.” Ha, that’ll show Ryan who’s stupid now! And for the record, by day 2, Happy was trained to ring the bell to go potty outside, and by day 3 “go to your crate” was under control. It’s all in the clicker training. And it’s all in having a smartass puppy.

The new famjam!


18 responses to “Happy

  1. Rhonda

    This story makes me smile inside and out! 🙂

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  3. Sarah Gilchrist

    Finally had a moment to sit and read a few of your stories. This just melts my heart. I’m so “happy” you and Ryan get to share in the joy of having unconditional love from the one you care for. You all are very blessed!
    We can’t wait to see you at Easter!
    Lots of Love!

    • Ohhh I am so glad that you’ve been able to read some! I kept meaning to email you and your mom to let you know I started a blog… so I am glad that you’ve already found it! Yay for an easy way to keep up…. now YOU just need to start a blog! (It’d be the perfect way to showcase your cute little boys to family/friends who live far away!) Dooo it!

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  5. Oh I’m smiling from that story. I also had a quest to find my puppy. So worth it.

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  7. This story makes me so happy! I want a dog soooooo badly – the timing is definitely not right, but this makes me even more excited for when I finally get a fluff ball! 🙂

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  9. KC

    LOVE YOUR DOG!!!! THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. omg! border collie!! my parents have a boy. he’s 2 yrs old now. (: and they are dang smart. we taught him a lot of stuff …. he’s trying to learn to play dead right now.

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  15. Just read this and my eyes all teared up… Thank you for adopting and not buying…

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