A Look Back on 2010…Recap: Jan, Feb & March

So since it’s the beginning of a New Year and I’m just now starting a blog… I thought it’d be neat to do a quick little recap of things that happened in 2010! It sure was a great year for me in a number of ways! I think I’m going to split up the year into 4 different posts… just to make it more manageable. So make sure to check them all out!

First, a quick backstory… Ryan and I have been dating for 2 years after meeting in the Fall of 2008. About a year later, in November of 2009, we decided we wanted to move in together. However, my lease wasn’t ending until July 2010 so Ryan went ahead and found an awesome apartment to live in. He moved in at the beginning of January with his good friend (and coworker) Jon. Jon understood the situation and was totally okay with having a temporary place to live, as he was new to Charlotte and wanted to get a feel for the city so he could find his own place to live come summer.  Talk about things just falling into place, huh?!  I moved in with Ryan this past June and we have been loving living together since!

January 2010

Had a fun New Year’s with Ryan and his new rommate, Jon

New Year's Eve...Happy 2010!

To-be roomies. How presh.

-Ryan moved into his new apartment, the apartment that we both live in now!

Day one of the New Year... moving day for Ryan! 1/1/10

Just try and fit one more thing in this truck... I dare you

Hilarious story on how the movers had to hoist our hugeass couch up and over our balcony that is literally a full story off the ground in the backyard… It was unreal. I took pictures because I was in disbelief. I probably should have been helping… ha! Good thing we just signed a new year-long lease on our place. I don’t want to deal with moving the couch out of here quite yet. That’s gonna take a miracle.

So sterile. Bleh.

Oh hello, Rooms To Go. What brings you here at 6:45AM?

Um, sorry... you're going to do what with that couch?

You would've thought they were kidding when they said "Oh, we'll just hoist it over the balcony."

I'll just stay back here and take pictures and laugh at the ridiculousness of everything that is going on at the ungodly hour of 7AM. Maybe this is all just a dream. No one would seriously try to do this, right?

Proved me wrong. Now... let's ease it on over without dropping it, shall we?


Hey there Hey, Mr. Behemoth of a Couch. Lovely seeing you inside.

All set up

Oh-so-comfy. Totally worth the 7AM lifting session...

Coffee table display

The start of the kitchen

'Nother view

-I started opening the present Ryan gave me for Xmas. He created something like an advent calendar that counted down the days until I moved in with him in June.  I was instructed to tear away one page a day as we moved through the spring and summer.  Each page detailed something special on it—like a memory we have together, something he finds special about me, or an inside joke between us.  It was like opening up a gift every single day! Best present ever. Well…. I can say that every present he’s given me has been the best gift ever. More on this later, though.

-I helped put on the Runners Expo at the Y. My advisor at Furman was the keynote speaker, and other FU professors came up from Greenville to talk as well… so neat to catch up with them!

-Ryan and I attended a Panther’s game (my first NFL game that I could actual enjoy since I wasn’t working it!) Turns out this game was the coldest in Panther HISTORY! It was so cold. SO cold. Picture this: seats at the top of the stadium and steady gusts of wind throughout the whole game…words don’t even describe.

All bundled up and ready for the game

Ohhh, what a crowd! *cricket, cricket*

Smile pretty

Cheesy shot

Handwarmers. Can always count on the handwarmers.

Sportin' the shades

-I got my 15 minutes of fame when the News channel came to the Y during the huge snowstorm we had.  Seems like everyone and their brother watched the news that day.  3 weeks later people were still recognizing me as “the girl from the Y” on the news station… even the cashiers at the grocery store!

February 2010

-Ryan and Jon hosted a super-fun Superbowl party! Hoping for a second-go-round in 2011  🙂

Our epic entertainment center. Perfect for Superbowl viewing

Snugglefest with Rachel and Katie

Why the long face, Ry?

-Ryan treated me to a very special Valentine’s Day dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s. So, so delicious, and the service was impeccable! Been wanting to go back ever since.

Valentine's Day dinner @ McCormick & Schmick's

See that festive wrapping paper? That's crafted by your's truly from Charlotte's Skirt! magazine

-Ryan and I bought some fun things to help decorate his apartment and make it feel like “home”

New wall art for the living room!

Bedroom decor

Pretty blankets for the living room!


-I decided I wanted to take a different route with my career at the Y and I really started figuring out my options so that I could focus more on public health

March 2010

-I ran around like a crazy person between all the center city YMCAs to help the put on Corporate Cup – an annual half marathon event that we have each year to help with fundraising efforts. I seriously LOVE putting on races!!

-My mom and stepdad, Gerry, drove through and visited me and Ryan in Charlotte on their way back to Ohio after spending the winter months in Florida (they call themselves snowbirds… live in FL during the winter months, and OH the during summa time).

Catchin' up with Momma Rice and Gerry during their short stay

-I interviewed for, and landed, the job I’ve been aiming to get at the YMCA since I started … a Health Educator in the Y’s wellness center!

Holla -- New job! Just call me Ms. Health Educator



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5 responses to “A Look Back on 2010…Recap: Jan, Feb & March

  1. great blog!!! love the pictures! The next time my husband and I are moving we have decided on movers. It will probably be the greatest investment ever because moving by yourself is awful!!

    • Professional movers would be so smart… I have never used them! I think we may have to use them when we finally move out of this apartment complex, though. At least that is not for another year (at least!).

  2. Stephanie

    You are a very cute couple, and I love your apartment!

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